Compaction Equipment

At Stable Hire we supply all types of compaction equipment in order for you to complete all of your groundwork projects.

We supply everything from heavy duty twin drum ride on rollers right down to petrol driven vibrating plates and everything in-between.

Twin Drum Ride-on Rollers

The twin drum ride-on rollers we supply come in 3 different drums sizes with varying compaction & operating weights details of all weights can be found below.

All our rollers come fitted with water tanks & sprinkler bars for rolling asphalt and tarmac

The smallest twin drum ride on roller we offer is the 80 Roller;

With a drum width of just 800mm; this roller is perfect for compacting large amounts of material down in small or difficult to access areas.

This roller is also very popular with road tarmacking contractors for its diversity and for how easy it is to transport from site to site;

As this roller can fit onto small plant trailers and can be towed behind a Transit sized van.

The bigger twin drum ride-on rollers we offer come in drum widths of 1000mm and 1200mm and an operating weight of up to 2800kg.

These rollers are ideal for compacting large volumes of materials in large areas;

Such as new hard-standing areas, roadways, car parks, large drive ways etc.

For more information and specifications on our twin drum Rollers please visit:

Single Drum Self-Propelled Rollers

As well as the larger twin drums rollers we also supply 2 types of single drum self-propelled rollers.

These rollers both come fitted with water tanks and sprinkler bars so they can be used for rolling either tarmac or stone.

Both rollers can also be supplied with their own custom designed trailers ideal for use on multi-site projects.

The first is an electric start diesel powered roller commonly known as the "28inch Roller" named so because of the width of its drum.

This roller is ideal for compacting either tarmac or stone on areas such as footpaths & walkways it is also widely used in the repair and patching up of roadways and highways.

The smaller 55E Roller is a petrol driven self-propelled roller ideal for use on smaller projects such as patios, block paving and garden paths

It is also very popular with Landscape Gardeners for laying turf.

At Stable Hire we also supply both petrol and diesel driven self-propelled forward/reverse vibrating plates.

These machines with their high compaction rate and relatively small size are ideal for compacting in trenches or foundations & floor areas etc.


Upright/Trench Rammer

The petrol engined Upright or Trench Rammer is the perfect piece of compaction equipment when working in trenches.

Whether your compacting material within a trench or compacting a trench once it has been back filled this machine with its huge compaction rate and small size is ideal for this kind of work and is very popular with utility companies for just such work.


Vibrating Plates

Petrol driven vibrating plates are the most popular compaction equipment hired out by Stable Hire.

These machines come in a variety of plate sizes and are ideal for any small compaction project.

Used by both contractors, landscapers & private individuals for a wide range of requirements.

From drive ways to block paving to patios & garden paths etc.

These machines are easy to operate and fit into almost any car or van for easy transportation.

For more information on any of our compaction equipment please contact any of our plant hire depots.

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