At Stable Hire we have 3 different types of plant trailers for hire.

All of our plant trailers are twin axle trailers & come with a ball fitting towbar attachment.

And are supplied with ramps for loading and unloading machinery with ease.

All our trailers are available for short term or long terms hire periods (minimum 1 day hire).

We also offer a wide variety of trailer accessories for sale such as ratchet straps, light boards etc.

We can also supply all types of trailer parts and carry out servicing and repairs to your trailer.

For more information please contact any of our plant hire depots.

The smallest trailer we offer is the ‘Mini Plant Trailer’

This trailer has an internal load space of 8feet X 4feet.

Also comes fitted with either a fixed ramp covering the entire internal width of the trailer

This trailer has a maximum carrying capacity of 2000kgs & has a bucket rest mounted on the front of the trailer ideal for carrying small excavators as well many other types of plant and machinery

The 2nd trailer we offer is commonly called a ‘Maxi Plant Trailer’.

This trailer has a larger internal load space of 10feet X 6feet.

And has a maximum load capacity of 2500kg.

This trailer comes fitted with either a solid ramp or 2 spilt adjustable ramps at the back for easy loading and unloading of machinery etc.

This trailer like the Mini Plant trailer also comes fitted with a bucket rest for excavators at the front

These trailers are ideal for carrying various machines and plant items as well as building materials etc.

The 3rd and biggest trailer we offer is a 16feet Beaver Tail Trailer.

This trailer has a 12foot flat body with a 4foot beaver tail at the back ideal for transporting vehicles.

This trailer has a maximum carrying capacity of 2500kg, it comes fitted with drop down sides all the way round and comes with detachable twin ramps that have a specifically designed storage space under the rear of the trailer.

This trailer is ideal for carrying vehicles plant and machinery

As well as bulding materials or palletised items

For more information on any of our trailers please contact any of our plant hire depots