At Stable Hire we offer a variety of water pumps

As well as the pumps listed below we can also supply other types and specifications of pumps upon request;

For more details please contact any of our plant hire depots.

We supply both 2 inch and 3 inch diaphragm pumps.

Both these machines are compactly designed making them easy to transport and setup in any location.

These pumps are all supplied with a standard length suction hose and whatever output hose you require at no extra charge.

The 2” pump has a petrol pull start engine;

Fitted with a 50mm outlet

And has a flow rate of 240 litres per minute.

While the 3inch pump comes with an electric start Yanmar diesel engine;

Comes with an 75mm output

And has a flow rate of 375 litres per minute.

We also supply the 2inch 110volt electric Subsumable Pump;

These highly durable, well built, popular pumps are the ideal contractors pump for moving clean or dirty water from almost any area.

These pumps come with a 110volt 600watt electric motor and a 50mm output.

They have a maximum flow rate of 290 litres per minute.

These machines are supplied with whatever length of output hose you require at no extra charge.

We can supply a 110volt Transformer or 110volt extension leads upon request.

For more information on any of our pumps please contact one of our plant hire depots.