At Stable Hire we supply a wide range of generators; from the compact & portable petrol powered 2.2kva generator to 100kva Super-Silent diesel site generators & everything in between.

The smaller petrol fuelled generators we hire out range from 2.2kva up to 5kva.

These machines are ideal for running such items as power tools on sites with no electrical supply.

They are also highly mobile & fit into most vehicles to allow for easy transportation.

These generators all come with a 16amp 110volt and 240volt supply output;

With the larger 5kva units also carrying a 32amp 110volt output.

We also supply diesel fuelled super silent generators ranging from 6kva right up to 100kva.

The 6kva generators we supply are wheel mounted electric start units which are ideal for offering power solutions on small sites.

They are also easily transportable & easy to safely secure in containers or stores.

The larger diesel electric start super silent generators come skid mounted and with a hooking point attached to the top of the machine this makes all these generators easy to move with either a Forklift  or Crane.

These units all come with 16amp & 32amp 110volt and 240v single phase outlets;

 As well as the larger units (from 16kva upwards) also having 440volt 3 phase outlet & an hardwire area so the generator can be wired directly to your site circuit board if required.

All these units have their own internal fuel tanks but they can also be supplied with an extra external fuel tank or bowzer for constant running if required.

We can also arrange for delivery of fuel to your site to keep all your machines working.

Please contact any of our plant hire depots more information

All our generators can be either be collected from any of our plant hire depots or  delivered to any site and if required can be unloaded and placed where you require

For more information on the range of generators we supply and their technical information please visit:

Or contact any of our plant hire depots.

We also supply a range of road towable generator lighting towers

Please contact any of our plant hire depots for more information