At Stable Hire we supply a range of sanders for all your wood sanding needs

All our sanders come fitted with a dust suppression system this allows almost all the sawdust created from sanding to go straight into a detachable bag which can be easily emptied.

We have in stock a wide variety of sanding sheets, disks & pads of all different sanding grits and grades to suite your every requirement they are all available on a sale or return basis

You are only charged for the amount you actually use

Floor Sander’s

At Stable Hire we supply the perfect combination of floor sander’s

The first is the Floor Sander this walk behind sander is the perfect tool for sanding any wooden floor space.

The second is the Floor Edging Sander

This 7inch disk sander compliments the Floor Sander perfectly ideal for sanding down corners and edges of floors

Its rate of work means you could almost do the whole floor with it

Belt Sander

Our hand held belt sander is ideal for sanding down any wooden surface

With it’s easy to attach sanding belts this device is easy and simple to use and provides an excellent finish

Hand-Held/Pad Sander

This small compact hand-held sander is ideal for sanding any hard to reach or small areas

Ideal for edges or really narrow corners this sander provides a great finish in a compact size