Cable Avoidance

At Stable Hire we supply the Cable Avoidance Tool commonly known as a C.A.T Detector

This device is designed to locate any live electric cable in the ground or in a wall

This device is widely used by ground-workers to check for electric cables before they commence digging.

We also supply 2 other devices that work in conjunction with the C.A.T detector

The 1st is called a Genny this device can be connected to any metal pipe

(i.e. copper water pipe)

The device then sends a single down the pipe

The C.A.T detector can this be used to locate the pipe underground or through a wall

The 2nd is called a Mouse this device works in a similar way to the Genny

But this device is a very small battery powered device can be attached to a drain rods

Then using drain rods to send the Mouse through drain & sewage pipework

The C.A.T detector can again be used to follow the single generated by the mouse

Allowing you to locate where pipework runs underground