Heating/Drying Equipment

At Stable Hire we offer a range of heating and drying equipment for dehumidifiers to space heaters

All to help to keep your project or work going through all those cold and wet spells


At Stable Hire we only supply one industrial sized dehumidifier

These dehumidifiers are ideal for drying out any indoor space quickly and effectively


At Stable Hire we supply a range of both electric and gas powered heaters

We have 2 variations of electric heater

1st is the always popular Red-Rad Heaters these high 3KW output heaters

Are ideal for such tasks drying newly plastered walls or working in conjunction with Dehumidifier drying and indoor space after flood damage or a water leak

The second is the 3KW Fan Heater

These heaters are ideal for providing safe and constant heat in indoor work areas i.e. site canteens, offices and toilet blocks

As for gas heaters we supply the 3 Bar Butane Burning Heater ideal for providing extra portable heating wherever you require it during the winter months

Space Heaters

At Stable Hire we supply 2 different types of Space Heater

They both are electrically powered

One type using propane gas a fuel while the other type burns diesel instead

Both heaters offer high outputs of heat into large indoor areas

Ideal for use in workshops, garages and other such areas