Large Vans

At Stable Hire we offer both long wheel base and extra-long wheel base vans

Mainly offering the very popular Ford Transit these vehicles are

Popular with businesses and private individuals for a multitude of purposes from moving house to being used as a mobile fitters van;

These vehicles can cover all you requirements.

These vans can be hired for any length of time (minimum 1 day hire).

We offer both short term and long term rates, as well as offering contract-lease and

Lease-purchase terms (subject to terms & approval).

Please contact our vehicle hire centre for more details.

Our long wheel base vans are available in a variety of colours and specifications;

As well as being available with either medium or high roofs.

All our vans come ply-lined and ply floored as standard;

We can also supply vans fitted out with racking and shelving to suite your requirements.

We can also supply vans fitted with essentials such as tow-bars and beacons;

As well other equipment such as extra seating, mobile sinks 240volt/110volt invertor units & much more besides.

Please contact our vehicle hire centre for more details.

We also offer long wheel base 9 seater Transit Crew-Buses.

These vehicles are based on the long wheel base high roofed Transit vans but come specially fitted with 9 full seats and a separated area at the back of the vehicle for storing tools or equipment.

These vehicles are ideal for Transporting men, equipment and materials to and from site without the need for using multiple vehicles.

Like the normal vans these vehicles are available for any hire period (min 1 day hire)

And can also be fitted with our extras such as beacons, tow-bars etc.

For more information of these or any of our vehicles please contact our vehicle centre.