At Stable Hire we offer a variety of cars for hire.

All of our cars are available for hire for any hire period (min 1 day hire)

Long term hire, contract/lease hire or lease purchase agreement hires are all available subject to terms.

All our cars come in range of colours and specs to suite your every requirement

Please contact our vehicle hire centre for more information.

The smallest car we offer is the small hatchback vehicle i.e. Ford Fiesta or Hyundai I10 sized vehicles.

These small practical cars are very popular with businesses and individuals for hiring on a short term basis;

For traveling to meetings and conferences or to visit family and friends;

They are also popular with people requiring a temporary vehicle or a short term run around vehicle.

The mid-range vehicle we offer are the larger hatchback or medium sized family cars

I.e. Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra car.

These vehicles offer the perfect balance between fuel economy and practicality making them ideal for a multitude of purposes.

Like the smaller cars they are commonly hired for short term usage

for traveling to meetings & conferences or used for family trips etc.

They are also hired by companies and used as pool cars or as company vehicles.

Private individuals also hire these vehicles long term as an alternative to purchasing a vehicle.

We also hire our out the larger saloon or estate cars such as the Ford Mondeo and the Vauxhall Insignia.

These vehicles are available in a range of colours and specifications to suite all your requirements.

These vehicles are ideal for family trips & holidays etc.

The most popular demand for these vehicles is from businesses; hired over long term periods and used as company cars and pool cars for staff & employees.

We also offer luxury and high end cars for long term hire or for lease purchase.

These vehicles can be top of the range 4 x 4’s as well as sports car and luxury vehicles

Please contact our vehicle hire centre for further details