Welfare Units

At Stable Hire our welfare units are the ideal solution to your site welfare requirements.

All our welfare units come with their own super silent generator built into the unit;

But the unit can also run off a mains power supply if you’d prefer.

The unit has its own built in fresh water tank and its own effluent tank which can serviced as little or as often as required.

The water and waste systems can also be plumed into the mains supplies in required.

Inside the accommodation part of the unit there a table & seating, a sink with a draining board, a wall mounted heater & electrical sockets around.

We can also supply extras for the unit such as microwave ovens and televisions upon request.

The welfare units also come with a separate toilet cubicle fitted with its own sink and a separate drying room.

Our welfare units either come trailer mounted or in the style of an accommodation unit.

Our trailer mounted units are ideal for easy transportation to and from site.

Once in position with a minimum of hassle you can lower the unit to the ground as the wheels stow themselves up under the unit, allowing easy access to the unit.

The accommodation type units are generally larger in size to the portable units;

Allowing for more accommodation room & for a larger generator to be fitted within the unit.

These units can be double stacked on to other units or containers;

If you wish to double stack your unit we can supply stairs to access the unit upon request.

For security and safety peace of mind both these units come with multi lever locking doors as well as metal shutters for the windows as standard.

Both these units are can collected from any of our depots;

They can also be delivered to your site and unloaded into place where you need them to be.

For more information please contact any of our plant hire depots.